about me

Hey y’all, I’m skylar, a mid-tweenty year old just trying to figure out how to run a business and capture some kickass photos. I’m from the small town of Meeker, Oklahoma. It has one four-way stop that people still don’t know how to work and about 8 churches.

I reflect a varied personality and I’m totally outgoing. If you ever see me out, you’ll see me in fuzzys eating a taco and drinking a marg or in a hipster coffee shop.

I was raised in the rodeo world and I still rodeo when I have the time. I grew up with horses, commercial cattle and a few "you catch it, you keep it" critters.

I’m officially old and i’ve graduated college from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes.) With agriculture being apart of my childhood, it has continued throughout my adult life. I have my bachelors degree in agricultural communications with a minor in agricultural economics. 

My passion is to travel and meet as many people as I can. I have traveled twice overseas; Europe and Australia. With plans to add to that list. Thanks for reading this bio that I’m sure 1% will actually make it to the bottom but every website has an about page soooo here we are.

I can’t wait to meet you! Lets go get tacos and margs and take some super pretty pictures.