Mentor Sessions

Its not exactly a secret that I spend most of my time behind the camera but what you may not know is that I love to teach. I honestly wish I would have taken a mentor session when I was starting out, it would have saved me a lot of trial and error but here we are.

my goal for mentor sessions is to have you gain a better understanding for your equipment and for your business. I graduated college with a degree in communications, marketing and business so thats just a plus.

after reading the info below, message me and lets chat about what would be best for you!

FaceTime/Skype $250

1/1.5 hour session. this is more of an open book and you are the writer. bring me the questions you want answered and we will cover it. It can be camera settings, marketing, how to start a business, how to book clients, workflow, gear I use, where I buy gear, tips, social media, websites…

you name it, we can discuss it.

Additional time can be added at $200 per hour

one on one $500

this normally lasts around 6 or so hours. this is your personal day with me. We will start out with some brunch and talk about where you are in your business and where you want to go. (have a list of questions you’d like covered over brunch, just so we don’t miss anything) then we will move into the session where I will have a model for the session, we will go over camera settings, posing, lighting all of the need to knows of photography.

after the session we will go and edit. we can go over workflow process and how you think it went during the shoot. again, you have the floor here so ask away!

these sessions will take place in stillwater oklahoma, tulsa oklahoma or shawnee oklahoma. if you aren’t local, I am always open to traveling to you for additional travel fees.

I do offer group rates if you and a friend want to take a mentor session together.