Bucket List

I have always loved to travel and with that, my camera is always with me. If you are planning a trip, a destination wedding, an elopement or just want some fun + unique pictures, take me with you. I have special rates for places on my travel bucket list. Message me and lets chat about our trip.


Oklahoma Destinations

I love my home state and I always will. No matter how many times I travel overseas or even to different states, this will always be home. If you are looking for a cool place to shoot pictures but don’t want to break the bank, i’ve got you covered.

  • Turner Falls

  • Salt Plains in Jet Oklahoma

  • Wichita Mountains

  • Know of a place that should be on my list? lemme know.

In the US

Lets plan your destination wedding/elopement. Like y'all , I love when two people say lets just go get married and we’ll figure out the details later. There is something so freeing and special about that. I work for a wedding venue + help plan weddings on a daily so if you need help, lets chat.

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Las Vegas

    (because I’ve always wanted to shoot a Vegas wedding)

Arizona Desert Cactus HD Wallpapers.jpg



I have already traveled to Australia + parts of Europe but I will always go back. I have seen some pretty amazing things while traveling and I have also learned that nothing brings two people together more than a 13+ hour flight. (seriously, its worth every second)

  • Australia

  • Greece

  • Iceland

  • Bali

  • Dominican Republic (yes, I know they have US relations)